Fun and Creative Ways to Teach Kids About Oral Hygiene

fun and creative ways to teach kids about oral hygiene
fun and creative ways to teach kids about oral hygiene

Ugh, brushing your teeth twice a day. Now think about how your kids might feel about it. But wait. Brushing doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, it can be a super fun adventure to keep your kid’s pearly whites sparkling and kids’ oral health on point. So, ditch the frowns and grab your toothbrush. Here are some creative ways to turn brushing into a blast:

1. Do a Brush Dance Party With Kids

Turn up the tunes. Brushing for two minutes can feel like forever, but with music, it’s a breeze. Pick a song that’s two minutes long (or use a brushing app with a timer) and bust a move while your kids brush. Let your kids imagine that they are a dentist superhero fighting sugar monsters in their mouth.

2. Organize a Flossing Fiesta

Flossing might seem tricky, but it’s a super important part of keeping your smile healthy. Make it a fiesta. Grab some colourful floss picks (they come in all sorts of fun shapes.) and pretend you’re flossing out confetti from a party. Make it a memorable moment for your kids.

3. Be Your Kid’s Brushing Buddies

Teamwork makes the dream work, even for brushing. Grab a sibling, parent, or even your favourite stuffed animal and brush together. You can even make up a brushing rhyme or story to keep things interesting for your little one.

4. Craft a DIY Toothbrush Holder Together

Who wants a plain old toothbrush holder? Not your kids. Get creative and decorate a mug, a shoebox, or even a recycled plastic bottle to make it your kid’s new, personalized toothbrush holder. Remember to name it something cool.

5. Do Brushing Battles (the Friendly Kind)

Challenge the kids of your family or friends to a friendly brushing battle. Set a timer for two minutes and see who can brush the most thoroughly. You can even use a staining solution (like watered-down food colouring) on a fake tooth model and see who removes the most “plaque” with their brushing technique.

6. Play The Tooth Fairy’s Treasure Hunt

Okay, the Tooth Fairy might not be leaving treasure chests every night, but you can create your own treasure hunt. Hide a small sticker or prize somewhere in the bathroom, and tell your child they can only find it after a perfect two-minute brushing session.

7. Take Help From Some Brushing Apps

There are tons of cool brushing apps out there. These apps can turn brushing into a game, complete with timers, rewards, and even augmented reality experiences. Imagine brushing alongside a friendly monster or exploring a sparkling underwater kingdom, all while keeping your child’s teeth clean.

8. Bring Home Brushing Books and Videos

Learning is fun, especially with stories and videos. Find books and educational videos about oral hygiene. They can teach your kids all about the different parts of your teeth, the importance of brushing and flossing, and even introduce your child to friendly dentist characters.

Also, if you don’t know about the dental content, you can consult a dentist in Comox Valley to recommend a few books, videos, and other dental content for your kids’ oral health. 

9. Super Silly Spit: Experiment Time

Science is cool, and brushing can be a science experiment, too. Help your child mix some baking soda and water to create a safe “volcano paste.” Spread it on a toy model tooth and ask them to use their toothbrush to erupt the volcano with a colourful “spit” solution (water with a drop of food colouring). It is a fun way to visualize brushing away plaque.

10. Save From The Plaque Attack Danger

Let’s pretend plaque is a villain trying to take over your smile. Grab a white sock and dip it in some brown paint or coffee grounds to create a “plaque monster.” Then, ask your child to their toothbrush as a weapon to attack the plaque monster and brush it away to save their pearly whites.

Bonus Tip: Pick Your Power Tools.

Let’s face it: a cool toothbrush can make all the difference. Take your kids to the store and let them pick out a toothbrush with their favourite cartoon character, a fun design, or even one that lights up. You can even let them choose a fun-flavoured toothpaste (make sure it has fluoride to fight cavities.)

Final Words

Remember, brushing your teeth is an important part of keeping your smile healthy and bright. By making it fun and creative, you’ll be brushing your way to a happy and confident smile in no time.

Acreview Dental & Comox Valley Implants specializes in helping parents and guardians make brushing and flossing fun for their little ones. At our children’s dentistry in Comox Valley, you can get expert dental consultations to provide valuable advice and strategies to ensure children develop healthy dental habits early on.