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Dental Crowns in Courtenay Near Comox Valley

Dental Crowns Near You

Considered a form of restorative dentistry alongside bridges and implants, receiving a dental crown is another excellent way to enhance the look of a damaged or stained tooth. This treatment is a common one, and, with proper daily care, the newly placed crown can last for multiple years. As a result, you’ll be able to smile, laugh, and eat with confidence!

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Dental Crowns in Detail

Dental crowns, or caps, are tooth-shaped prosthetics that are adhered over the top of teeth to repair their size, shape, and therefore their function, while also improving their aesthetic appearance. They can be fabricated from several different materials like porcelain, metal, or a combination of the two.

Like dental fillings and veneers, crowns can effectively solve the following oral health problems:

  • Broken teeth
  • Worn-down or weakened teeth
  • Severely stained
  • A cavity that dental filling cannot adequately repair
  • Covering up an irregularly shaped tooth

Crowns can also be used to hold dental bridges in place, cover up dental implants, and protect a tooth that’s just undergone a root canal.

Receiving Dental Crowns

On average, two appointments are needed to acquire a dental crown in Comox Valley. Your dentist needs to pre-approve you for this treatment before any official dental work can be performed.

First, any decay or debris will be removed so that the crown can be properly fitted to your tooth. Next, impressions of your tooth will be taken, which are used to design a customized crown, then provide you with a temporary device to protect your tooth in the meantime.

When your permanent crown is ready, the dentist will swap it with the temporary one, checking that it does fit you. They’ll also make any necessary adjustments so that your bite pattern is not altered. Your crown is cemented in place and then polished. And voila! A newly repaired, beautiful-looking tooth!

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