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Root Canal Therapy in Courtenay Near Comox Valley

Root Canal Near You

There is always plenty of talk surrounding root canal treatment, mainly that it’s painful, but such rumors are untrue.

To start, all dentists are trained to provide this service. Second, all patients are given local anesthesia medications which numbs the target site. This stops you from experiencing any pain while your dentist works. Third, it can be done in one appointment. Afterward, you’ll be sent home so your mouth can properly heal from the surgery. Once it has, you’ll need to return to have a dental crown placed, which protects the tooth from further damage.

At Acreview Dental, we offer this treatment to every one of our patients. If you’re looking to gather more information about it, or you’re ready to book an appointment to have it done, please give our dentist near you a call.

What Does the Appointment Look Like?

The steps involved in the procedure are described below:
  • Diagnosis: A preliminary examination of your mouth, along with x-rays will be done. This allows your dentist to make sense of the current state of your oral health and determine if a root canal is the best method.
  • Accessing the decay: After the anesthesia is applied, your dentist will make a small hole in the top of your tooth; this allows them to access the decayed or infected pulp that resides inside.
  • Removing the pulp: Your dentist will extract the pulp and thoroughly clean the chamber with a special disinfectant solution.
  • Filling the space: Once they’ve made sure that any lingering debris or bacteria is gone, your dentist will move on to sealing the space. A material called gutta-percha is used. This stops the site from being reinfected.
  • Applying the restoration: Typically, a dental crown is placed over the tooth to protect it. You’ll be given a temporary one while the permanent one is being made at a dental lab. Porcelain is used to help the device blend in with the rest of your smile. Once it’s ready, you’ll return to have the permanent crown installed.
  • Follow-up visit: If needed, your dentist in Comox Valley will have you come in several days later so they can check your tooth and make sure that it is healing nicely.

Come into Our Neighborhood Dental Practice

Have questions or concerns about receiving root canal therapy near you? That’s not a problem! Our amazing team of dental professionals is here to guide you on your oral health journey; they’ll do all they can to make sure you’re comfortable at each stage of the process.

We anticipate your visit very much so please, contact us today!