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Nightguards and Oral Appliances Near You

It may seem like a trivial thing, but a mouthguard is an extremely effective tool when it comes to protecting your smile and preserving your oral health.

Dental guards can be worn for multiple reasons like preventing teeth clenching and grinding (also known as bruxism), and to address TMJ pain.

At Acreview Dental, we offer this treatment to patients of all ages. So, if you’re interested in acquiring a custom-made mouthguard, we invite you to attend a consultation with our dentist near you.

What Types of Dental Guards are Available?

The three most common types of mouthguards are:
  • Stock mouthguards: These are pre-formed and typically come in small, medium, and large. They are the most affordable and are sold at most sports and drug stores. However, they may not fit too well and can be uncomfortable.
  • Boil-and-bite mouthguards: These guards are fabricated from thermoplastic material that softens up in hot water. Users must place it in their mouth and mold them to their smiles by biting down on the guard for several minutes. Boil-and-bite guards provide tend to fit better than stock guards but only last for a few weeks.
  • Custom-fit mouthguards: These are designed by your dentist in Comox Valley based on impressions taken of your smile. Custom-fit mouthguards provide the best fit, they’re the most comfortable, and offer the highest degree of protection against injuries. Though they are the most expensive option, dental practitioners frequently recommended them to patients.
Remember, everyone’s dental situation is different, which means that their preferences will vary. If you’re unsure which direction to go in, don’t be afraid to speak with your dentist. They’ll be more than happy to address any queries or concerns you have about this form of care.

We’re Here For You!

At our neighborhood dental clinic, we look forward to walking alongside all our patients on their dental journeys. We provide reliable mouthguards near you that will last and, more importantly, that will stop any harm from happening to your beautiful smile.

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