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COVID-19 and Dental Care at Acreview Dental Clinic:


We Are Now Open


As of June 1st, our office is open again. Not like we were prior to the Covid-19 but to the "New

Normal" while we all navigate our way through this pandemic. Our focus has been, is, and will

always be, the safety of our patients and staff. While we realize that there will always be some

risk when we venture out during a pandemic, we have taken every step to minimize the risk to

all our patients and to ourselves.


Appointments must allow for social distancing so we must limit the flow of patients to about

50% of what it was previously.


To better familiarize yourselves with our new physical distancing protocols and safety measures

we would like to present a series of pictures to walk you through your next visit with us:


When we book your appointment, you will be asked a series of screening questions.

When you arrive to your appointment we ask that you hesitate outside the door and

wait to be asked to enter.

Upon entering, you will notice our greeter in enhanced personal protective equipment


We ask that only the patient being treated enter the office.

We will ask you to use our hand sanitizer and we will take your temperature using a

touch less thermometer and go over the screening questions again.

If you look around, you will notice a much-reduced seating capacity in our waiting room

to allow for at least 6 feet of separation.

You will not see magazines, children's toys or other items that cannot be properly


 You will also notice the Plexiglas barriers at the front desk area.

You will then be escorted to the treatment room for your treatment.

Again, you will notice our clinical staff all in advanced PPE. Feel free to comment. It will

make our day.

After your treatment, you will see our friendly reception staff, only this time their smiles

will be covered with face masks

As always, our high level of infection control measures are in place. As well, all waiting

room chairs, door knobs and handles, countertops etc. are being disinfected several

times per hour and pin pads and payment machines after every use.


We are doing everything we can to keep our patients and our team safe. We are delighted to

hear from a few of our patients who have already come in and said that they felt comfortable

and safe with all the measures we have implemented. We hope this gives all of you an idea of

what to expect at your next appointment.


Hope to see your smiles soon!


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