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  • 08/04/2022 - MAY 9TH ASK THE DENTISTS
    How Prevalent Are Teenager Cavities Really?

    Dear Doctors:
    When I notice my teens skipping brushing their teeth after a late night (yes, I admit I check the toothbrushes) I get concerned with everything we invest in their mouths. My son also snapped his toothbrush with vigorous brushing. This can’t
    be good. I think he needs Teeth Brushing 101?

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  • 21/04/2021
    Trees are Useful, But Not In Your Mouth.

    Dear Doctors:

    My son just returned from a construction project for several months.  During that time he has taken on a new personal habit, which is sucking on a toothpick for what seems to be hours.  His dental hygiene was always just ‘so-so’ and we know because we paid for it.  Can these toothpicks do any real damage?  

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  • 30/12/2019
    What the Heck Happened?

    Dear Doctors: This hasn’t been a red-letter month for me health-wise. I’m sporting new eyeglasses because of macular degeneration, I need a medical for my driver’s licence renewal, and my last young dentist told me my teeth are mobile and spaces are opening up between them. I admit I didn’t listen to his explanation other than they need attention. What is Cole’s Notes version of mobile teeth and spaces? How did this occur, and what can be done about it?

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  • 30/12/2019
    My Teen Snapped His Toothbrush in Half!

    Dear Doctors: We have a family health situation going on, and it’s all about teeth. Our 15-year-old son has never been what would term as an enthusiastic tooth brusher, but we all recently had a checkup and he has apparently a dozen cavities! Some of them are small, but my husband is furious as we have no insurance coverage and this comes out of the family budget. He is threatening to take his cell phone away. My daughters had a couple of cavities each, but our son beat them by 6 times. I did find candy wrappers under his bed, but of course, he has ‘no idea’ where they came from. What can we do to prevent it from reoccurring?

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